Birth Support

Having a Doula at your birth has been shown to:
• Reduce the length of labour by up to 25%
• result in fewer complications during labour
• The birth experience is more positive
• 40% reduction in the need for medical intervention such as forceps or augmenting labour.
• Reduces the need for pain relief medication, 60% fewer epidurals are administered
• Lower caesarean rate by up to 50%
• 40% reduction in the use of pitocin
• 30% reduction in the use of analgesia
• Helps the father to participate while being able to enjoy the experience.
• Breastfeeding is more successful
• there is a reduced incidence of postpartum depression

My Doula services

As a Doula I believe that the birth space is very private and intimate. The service that I offer keeps that in mind. As a doula I get to know my clients during their pregnancy. I do prenatal visits to learn about the couple, their birth dreams and concerns. I am available to answer any questions and to provide information and guidance. I am trained in alternative therapies that can assist in turning a breech or posterior baby as well as assist in the induction of labour once mom has gone post dates.

I come to your home when you go into labour. For moms birthing at home I help to set up and prepare the space for the arrival of your new little blessing. For moms birthing at a birth centre or hospital I leave with the couple when mom is ready to go through. I stay with the couple for the labour, birth and for a period of time afterwards to help with breastfeeding, make sure the couple are happy and comfortable and to assist with tidying up.

Once your baby is born I come to you for post baby visits to check on breastfeeding, baby and the new little family. I am there to help out with any questions or concerns you may have. We can also discuss the birth, how you feel about the birth you have and I answer any question you may have there. I also offer all my couples telephonic support so that they can contact me whenever they need to should they have any questions or need baby or breastfeeding support.

If you would be interested in having a doula at your birth I would love to get together for coffee and a chat. I can answer any questions you may have and we can discuss what package would work best for you. For my packages and current prices please contact me.

For more information on what a doula is and the role of the doula:

What is a Doula?
The word Doula is Greek meaning “a woman who serves”. A Doula is therefore someone who stays with and serves the woman in labour. Women have been there to serve other woman in childbirth for centuries and in some cultures it is still vitally important. This support has been proven to have many positive side effects on the birth process.
A Doula is a trained professional who is able to provide physical, emotional and educational support to both parents in late pregnancy, throughout labour and during the early post partum period. The Doula is not only there to support the couple but helps them have a safe and memorable birth experience. The Doula is also there to empower you throughout the birth process.

A Doula’s beliefs:
• Birth is a normal and natural process.
• That a woman is designed perfectly for both pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding
• That a woman in labour is powerful and that a woman can labour beautifully without the need for any medical intervention.
• When intervention is medically indicated that it is needed for the sake of the mother or the baby.
• That the mother holds the right to choose the birth experience that she wants and is there to support the mother in achieving this.
• A Doula acknowledges that a labouring mother needs support and she gives of herself completely to be there for her.

What does the Doula actually do?
• The doula is there to support both mom and dad in late pregnancy, labour and the early postpartum period.
• She may able to assist you with turning your baby into a good position and with labour induction.
• She can provide information to help you make informed decisions when it comes to birth and labour.
• She will help you set up for labour and get things ready for you such as the birth pool or warm babies clothes.
• She stays with mom throughout labour and helps her through the contractions by using techniques such as massage, relaxation, visualization, breathing and different positions.
• She can help you determine if you are in labour or having false labour as well as when you have progressed from early to active labour.
• She will help you monitor the length and frequency of your contractions.
• She will help dad when he is not sure what he can do for mom.
• She will make sure mom eats, drinks and remains active or rests when she needs to.
• She will assist with latching the baby and can provide breastfeeding support in the early weeks with baby.
• She is there to support you should you have problems with baby in the first few weeks.
• Nurtures and protects the mothers memory of her birth experience.
• For ceserean births the doula helps prepare the mom for the birth, sits with the mom and helps her when the edpidural is done, staying by your side at all times and giving you updates about where your baby is and what baby is doing. After the birth she is there to help with breastfeeding and can answer any questions you may have about the birth.

Does the Doula replace dad?
Absolutely not. The doula is not there to take the place of the Dad but is there to compliment him. A doula actually helps dad become more involved in the process by encouraging him to be there as a support for Mom where he feels comfortable and assisting him when he is not quite sure what to do. She is also there to support mom in areas where Dad cannot assist and is there to step in to give Dad a break when he needs it. She also assists to enhance the birth experience for Dad by relieving him from the unrealistic expectations he would face as the sole birth support partner. The doula therefore allows Dad the opportunity to be a part of the birth experience without the pressure of having to remember everything he has learnt in the antenatal classes. Another great benefit is that the Doula can take the photos so Dad can be in them!