Breastfeeding Moms Group

 "Women who attend a breastfeeding support group statistically feed longer and with fewer complication" - Jan Riordan

Moms are invited to come and spend time in the company of other new moms (whether this is your first baby or if you have done this before). Share challenges and joys as you move through the early parenting journey together.

The group is for any breastfeeding mom, not just those facing challenges or with questions and concerns. The group is informal with no set topic for the week. This gives you the opportunity to discuss the issues that matter to you at that moment. The idea is also to get ideas from other mothers who are in similar situations. I am there to answers questions and to facilitate the group. I am a certified Lactation Consultant in private practice, a postnatal doula, have a diploma in infant and child growth and development and I have hands on experience being a mom of 2 growing girls. With the knowledge and experience I have and the suggestions from other moms we hope to be able to tackle any challenge you may face. Many moms join the group to connect with other like minded moms - we even have the occasional week where we don't discuss babies or breastfeeding at all. But many friendships and lifetime bonds are made!

When Every Wednesday morning 10-12:15
Where Genesis Clinic
  5 Northwold drive
Who should attend Breastfeeding moms looking for:
  Breastfeeding and baby information and support
  An outing out
  to connect with other breastfeeding moms
  wanting to weigh baby and enjoy a cup of tea with cake while you do it
Cost (2017) R100 a morning
What is included Baby weighing
  Tea/ coffee and snacks
  Answers to breastfeeding and baby related question
How to book Please send me an sms or whatsapp message before coming along to cancel
  just in case I need to cancel due to a birth or illness
  I do try my best to send a colleague to facilitate.